Aziz Fardhani,  I am interested in environmental, socio-culture and cave conservation issue. I am cave explorer and photographer specializing in landscape, wildlife and cave photos. Started to pursue photography since college until now. I love cycling, hiking and writing. 

Experience of speleology activities:

2017 – Exploring karst and caves in South Solok, West Sumatera. Collaborate with Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia (LATIN)

2017 – Caves data collection and caves mapping in the Mount Halimun-Salak National Park. Collaboration with BTNGHS

2017 – Caves data collection and caves mapping in Ngerit tourism area, Trenggalek, East Java. Collaborate with Indonesia Speleological Society

2017 – Idenfity of caves and karst springs data collection in Klapanunggal Karst, Bogor, Jawa Barat

2016 – Karst of Jargarian Island Expedition (Exploring karst and caves in Aru Archipelago, Maluku). Collaborate with Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI)

2016 – South Gombong Expedition (Inventory of caves and karst springs in South Gombong Karst,  Kebumen, Central Java)

2016 – Inventory of cave-fauna dan tracing of underground river  in Sibibijilan cave dan Legok Picung cave , Sukabumi, West Java

2015 – Caves data collection and caves mapping in Gunung Cibodas Karst, Ciampea, Bogor, West Java

2014 – Tanah Borneo Expedition (Study of caves mapping and relation of sosio-economi and culture in Merabu Community, East Kalimantan)